Sean is a student at Melbourne University and occasional writer. He used to blog at Indiscriminate Dust but couldn’t handle the fame. Check out his non-fiction at WeekendNotes and his more creative work over at the Stories & Poetry tab.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ivan

    Sean, we need to talk. You know I don’t have many normative commitments, but the Oxford comma is one of them, and I just noticed its absence in your blog subtitle. Is that really the kind of person you want to be?

  2. Stillboide Fludge

    I notice you trolling round, looking for more authors to imitate.

    Oh well. It takes a refined mind and mature spirit to have one’s own voice. You’ll likely never get there, so my advice is to stick with imitation of those whose blogs you visit to drop snark, out of jealousy. You should first admire them, then feel the pangs of jealousy, then snark at them because you’ll never be adequate to compete with their vision, and finally, you should emulate them while denying their influence whenever asked about your influences.

    After all, an intellectual person of vertically challenged stature, such as yourself, is never expected to be honest. That just flows from the deficiencies of brainpower and character/spirit.

    So, kudos on sticking with the plan. Read. Feel jealousy. Toss barbed snark. Emulate. Then, deny the influence.



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