An Unquestioning Frame of Mind

Prichard makes a very interesting observation in the middle of one of his moral essays. “All questions,” he writes “arise from an essentially unquestioning frame of mind.” Something has to be taken for granted for a question to be asked in the first place. There needs to be a firm place to ask a question from.

What does this mean? Well, it means that every question makes unquestioned assumptions. Even the question “what unquestioned assumptions does this question make?” makes unquestioned assumptions: about the nature of questions and assumptions, about the perspective of the asker etc. And so on.

You might want to say that the interesting question-behind-the-question is the set of unquestioned assumptions. This would be the basis for a kind of Nietzschean analysis: what basic frame of mind would one need to have to ask the questions of, say, dualism? What frame of mind would you need to have to ask the questions that Nietzsche asks?


One thought on “An Unquestioning Frame of Mind

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