Cycling Joins the Oppression Olympics

It occurs to me that riding a bike in any car-dominated area (any city in any Western country) is a snapshot into what it is like to live without privilege. For those of us lucky enough to be well-off white dudes, it is confronting to be honked at and cut off, to feel so much more vulnerable than the people protected by their metal shells, to be hit by car doors and yelled at as if it was our fault. There’s the impossible standards: ride too close to the traffic and you’re an irresponsible menace, ride close enough to the parked cars to get clipped by a door and you should have been sitting further out. There’s the institutional indifference: get killed in a car accident and often there won’t be an investigation, let alone anybody charged with manslaughter. There’s also the communities that form from this shared experience.

In a perfect world, cyclists would use this as a way to empathize with people who suffer from oppression, on a bike or not.


One thought on “Cycling Joins the Oppression Olympics

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